Apatheia Jane (apatheia_jane) wrote in crash_here,
Apatheia Jane

Any Aussies here?

I just created spare_rooms_oz before finding this comm. Now I feel dumb redundant.

I live in Perth, in a 6 bed house nicknamed The Big Gay Dorm, with 4 other housemates. The 6th room is pretty much the designated crash space, and, depending on whether someone else has called dibs or whether it's uni crunchtime, it's often available for short stays. We're all gay/bi, so queer-friendly is a must. No pets (we already have 2 cats and a no-pets lease). I doubt you'll get anyone to cook for you (we're students & have been known to live off 2 minute noodles for long stretches), but I don't mind a bit of chauffeuring.

I'm going on a big damn roadtrip east in June/July. Anyone here who can offer up a crash space (or travel tips) between Perth & Hobart? I have to be back in Perth for 2nd semester, so I'm not planning to stay anywhere for more than 2 nights max. I'll probably have 2 people with me on the way over, and on my own for the way back. Route (and towns to stop in) still to be decided. I'm 22, a irredeemable fangirl with too many fandoms to list, a conservation biology student/bartender/ex-librarian, and I'm very bad at planning trips in advance.

Jane.be.Jane at gmail dot com.
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