Dace (dace) wrote in crash_here,


I'm in Brooklyn, hoping to get into the Ganas community here in New York City.

Until then, I need a place to sleep. Can anyone help?

1. Where: New York City area

2. When and how long: now, for a few days

3. How many people: one. Just me.

4. A little about myself: I'm 26yo, male from California. Moving out to New York to be a part of the Ganas intentional community on Staten Island (it's like a concept-co-op). Currently in the processes of securing a place there. Recently got back from a year abroad traveling across India, Pakistan, Qatar, France and Ireland, followed by two months in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada (working for the Burning Man Festival). I enjoy drawing, cooking, walking, and late night conversations. References available upon request.

5. Contact info:contact@gorginzola.com

anxiously awaiting your reply,
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