Fristin McGillicutty (syko_neko) wrote in crash_here,
Fristin McGillicutty

straight couple needs small space in Hollywood NOW!!! HELP!!

we are both 20, non smokers, clean, responsible. we are currently finding our own apartment, but need a place to sleep in the meantime. a bedroom would be nice, but we'll take a fold-out couch, or just a couch!!

he is in staying in LA right now, working full time in the Highland Mall, and needs a new place to stay by friday, august 5th!! I will be coming out from Chicago on the 10th to join him. we will have our own apartment by the end of the month.

we both love animals of all kinds, so if there are any pets, we would love to help take care of them! I will also do any housekeeping or cooking that's needed. we can only offer $400 right now, but may be able to pay a little bit more by the end of the month.

please let me know ASAP!! thank you!!
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